Development Director

Maribel Rodríguez joined Prospera in March 2024, bringing a rich tapestry of experiences rooted in resilience, joy, and community. As a proud former undocumented immigrant from La Piedad Michoacán, México, Maribel’s personal and professional journey has been defined by her commitment to social justice and community service.

Her career spans over two decades in the nonprofit sector within the Bay Area, encompassing diverse areas such as youth development, mental health, college access, and unhoused services. Maribel holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from CSU East Bay, coupled with Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Latin American Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

As the new Director of Development at Prospera, Maribel leverages her extensive expertise to spearhead fundraising strategies prioritizing Community-Centered Fundraising practices, collective power, and long-term sustainability. With a keen understanding of the interconnectedness between fundraising and community impact, Maribel is committed to fostering meaningful relationships and amplifying Prospera’s mission by leveraging and sharing resources to support Latina immigrant entrepreneurs.

My personal values align closely with those of Prospera, particularly in the realms of community, resilience, and empowerment. Growing up, I witnessed the strength and determination of my family, especially my mother, who made immense sacrifices to ensure our well-being and reunite our fragmented family. This experience instilled in me a deep appreciation for resilience and the importance of community support in overcoming challenges. Similarly, Prospera embodies these values by providing a platform for women to unite, share their stories, and support one another in their journeys toward empowerment and success.

Moreover, like Prospera, I am deeply committed to amplifying the voices and accomplishments of women. I am excited to work alongside the womxn of Prospera and contribute to a collective effort to celebrate and elevate the achievements and visions of women, ultimately filling my cup with purpose and meaning.

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