Co-op Incubation

Explora Tu Cooperativa (Explore Your Cooperative)

This is an introductory program to start the Business Model Canvas, learn basic cooperative communication skills and establish group agreements.

This program focuses on the basic concepts in the areas of business, communication and cooperativism. We study and apply business tools such as the Business Model Canvas and the Minimum Viable Product. In the area of ​​cooperativism, we reflect on how cooperative values ​​and principles are reflected in a framework of understanding of what it means to live them in cooperative business projects. It addresses key communication issues such as the establishment of group agreements, the role of trust within the group, the value of the discipline and a strength based approach using tools such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Oopportunities and Threats) analysis.

Total Hours: 9 hours broken down into two or three sessions

Methodology: Popular education, lecture presentations, practice and individual technical assistance.

Prerequisite: At least 1 hour of cooperativism training via a one-on-one interview or attending an orientation.

Language & Materials: Spanish

Crece Tu Cooperativa

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Escuela de Fundadoras

The main objective of this one-year long program is the launch of the cooperative. It has three basic areas: in class sessions, technical assistance and personal coaching. The program focuses on developing advanced skills in the area of ​​business, communication and cooperativism while addressing issues such as marketing, operations, decision making, power and privilege, effective meetings and governance in cooperatives.

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