Explora is a course on the fundamentals of cooperative business development. It is offered twice per year and covers skills development on topics including cooperative governance, effective communication, power and privilege and access to capital. We also organize public panel discussions around topics of accessing capital and cooperative experiences. 



Crece offers Latinas support for personal and professional development, which combats the isolation and lack of access Latina entrepreneurs systemically face. This program provides culturally- and linguistically-specific workshops on business and cooperative development, financial literacy, leadership and technology, while creating a network of solidarity between entrepreneurs and worker-owners.

  • Lanza tu Cooperativa (Launch Your Cooperative) was born from the need for continuity in training so that the participants who are exploring the cooperative business model are able to obtain the necessary tools to realize their coop idea and/or convert their regular business into a worker cooperative. The contents of the program are focused on formalization of their cooperative/business, governance structure, finance, and taxes.
  • Business plan development is offered from Prospera’s own curriculum on business development with cooperative values. In addition, we offer individualized support to participants who are ready to complete and implement their business plan.



Acompaña is a high-touch incubation program for Prospera’s most advanced entrepreneurs who receive individualized support to stabilize and grow their businesses from specialized consultants skilled in the areas our participants choose to improve upon. This program includes a business needs assessment, monthly check-ins with staff, and 1:1 technical assistance with staff and consultants.


Fellowship is a 2-year program for our most advanced entrepreneurs, and is designed to provide resources needed to accelerate the growth of their businesses. In the first year of the fellowship, participants receive a $1,500 monthly stipend which allows them to focus on their business’ development for at least 2 days per week. Over the course of the 2 year fellowship, participants receive tailored technical support, assistance with capital readiness, one-on-one and group coaching, and leadership opportunities. Learn more about our fellows at this link. 



We host multiple public events each year designed for Latina immigrants to come together and connect with each other while providing them with access to business opportunities and resources catered to their needs.

El Día de la Mujer/ International Women’s Day: An annual event in March that celebrates Women’s History Month and the incredible women that make up our community.

Cumbre para Latina Emprendedoras / Summit for Latina Entrepreneurs:  An annual day long event where Latina entrepreneurs join together to learn, showcase their businesses and explore opportunities to collaborate with each other and with other Latino professionals and organizations.



Para Todas Podcast is a Spanish-first storytelling platform which amplifies the voices of Latina immigrant communities. Our podcast serves as a tool for critical unlearning as well as a platform for women to come together to validate and uplift each other and cultivate a sense of belonging. The themes discussed include the power of community, power dynamics, and the importance of telling their stories. The podcast also serves as a
communication channel to reach more women and increase accessibility to our programs and resources. You can listen to the podcast here.



Raising our Voices Coalition is a coalition of different organizations from the Bay Area we’ve organized in order to triple impact with our union and work together for our community. The Coalition further ensures access, opportunity, and deepens community involvement in services and activities. You can learn more about the coalition here


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