Tania Figueroa

Entrepreneur Success Coordinator

Tania joined the Prospera team in January 2023 as the Entrepreneur Success Coordinator. Tania moved to the Bay Area from Chile in 2004 and quickly connected with a large community of people from different backgrounds and expertises. She loves being an immigrant and thinks that our lives expand every time we connect with people who are different.

Tania holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from DUOC UC – Chile and a Master’s degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies with an emphasis on Culture and Consciousness from J.F.K. University. She is curious and believes that education and knowledge are powerful tools that help people to have thoughtful and conscious lives that will impact others. 

Tania brings to her role expertise in the nonprofit sector, the private sector, and as an entrepreneur running her own Coachsultant business.

Tania is also a conceptual artist, community organizer, activist and feminist. And the founder of Enmujeradas Around the World.

Since I was an adolescent, I have been watching airplanes cross the sky, thinking one day I will take one so I can live fully. My desire for living a different life was always present. I knew that my way of seeing life wasn’t wrong, it was just different.

When I moved here, I found a community, a new extended family, with people who were critical of the status quo. I met a lot of people, and my relationship with women changed forever. 

I learned that together we are powerful. I learned how the patriarchal structure divided us for years. I learned that we are not only creators of life, but we also give birth to our dreams and desires. We create powerful realities and open paths for ourselves and others to have a better quality of life.
My connection to Prospera is through the many women who have been part of my “manada”

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