Fearless Latina warrior

Fearless Latina warrior by Nancy Rosales  Prospera, for me, has been nothing short of an oasis. It has inculcated within me the spirit of a fearless Latina warrior, who will fight and worked hard for her dreams. Here, I know that I am not just a lone ranger, but my comadres have my back while I go out and venture into the wilderness.  In fact, just a few weeks ago, I was fortunate to have spent three days at Camp CEO with Girl Scouts of Northern California, reminiscent to…

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Celebrating our 2018 Fellows

Celebrating our 2018 Fellows After a year long commitment of growth and learning, we celebrated the graduation of our 2018 Fellows, Madeleine Hernandez Rodriguez and Mayerling Castillo! Their time at Prospera has been a great experience for everyone. Their hard work has been essential to support Prospera at key moments, but most importantly to their personal and professional development! Madeleine Hernández focused her fellowship on Marketing and Social media. Her role was instrumental in promoting the 2018 Summit and Prospera’s programs. She…

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