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March 11th, 2019

Prospera and The San Francisco Foundation renew their partnership to advance racial and economic equity in the Bay Area

Maria Rogers Pascual

For Immediate Release

  • The San Francisco Foundation renews its commitment with a $50,000 Equity Grant to support Bay Area Latina entrepreneurs.
  • Prospera is the only nonprofit in the U.S. that focuses solely on advancing Latina economic empowerment through cooperative business ownership.

Oakland (March, 11th 2019) –  Prospera and The San Francisco Foundation renew their partnership to advance racial and economic equity for Latina immigrant women. Prospera Community Development (Prospera) is honored to announce that it has been awarded, for the second year in a row, a People, Place and Power Equity Grant from The San Francisco Foundation in the amount of $50,000. The grant will make it possible for Prospera to continue to offer leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities to more than 150 Latina immigrant women in the Bay Area. Read more >>



June 19th, 2019

Zero Tolerance to the separation of families!


Claudia Arroyo, Community Education Director

Dear Prospera supporters, partners, and friends,

It is with deep sadness and indignation that we write to you from Prospera to denounce the Zero Tolerance policy that is being implemented by the US government. This new attack to our immigrant community means that 45 children per day are being separated from their families! What kind of society are we becoming? How is it possible that this is happening in a country that boasts of its democracy, liberty and justice? What is our responsibility as human beings? How do we make our voices heard? Read more >>




Claudia Arroyo, Directora Educación Comunitaria de Prospera 

Apreciadas/os amigas/os y colaboradoras/es,

Con profunda tristeza e indignación, escribimos en Prospera esta nota para denunciar la Política de Cero Tolerancia implementada por el gobierno de este país. Esta disposición es un nuevo ataque a nuestra comunidad migrante ya que como producto de esta ley hay en promedio ¡45 niños por día que están siendo separados de sus familias! ¿En qué clase de sociedad nos estamos convirtiendo? ¿Cómo es posible que en un país que se jacta de practicar la democracia, la justicia y la libertad esto esté sucediendo? ¿Qué nos corresponde hacer?¿Cómo hacer escuchar nuestra voz?. Leer más>>

June, 7 2018

 Help us launch “The Power of a Dream”!




Maite Gasco, Marketing and Development Manager 

Our Dream

Gabriela Arvizu has many stories to show! Prospera’s Latina entrepreneurs have many stories to tell!

“The Power of a Dream” is an audiovisual project — led by Gabriela Arvizu, Prospera collaborator, entrepreneur, freelance and audiovisual artist — that was born with a dream of documenting and amplifying the voice of entrepreneurial Latinas. Through a series of documentary videos, Gabriela Arvizu and Prospera come together to show the world real stories of entrepreneurial Latina immigrants building cooperative businesses in the Bay Area. Read more >>

We congratulate Anahi & Itzel for the 1st anniversary of Professional Eco Cleaning (PEC), a green cleaning cooperative that is based in the East Bay. PEC has a long story with Prospera, since one of the founders, Anahi is a former Prospera Fellow with 7 years of experience as a worker-owner in green cleaning cooperatives. Read this interview and get inspired by their achievements and learnings.

May 10, 2018

Interview with Maye Castillo, Prospera’s Fellow 


Tell us about yourself. My name is Maye. I am originally from Chile, but I have lived in Oakland for nearly half of my life. I have a business as a personal trainer and I am also working towards a business administration degree with a focus on social justice. 

My interest in the cooperative model dates back to 5 years ago when I was searching for a preschool for my son. I had the experience of working with 12 families in search of quality education based on values of equality and cultural diversity. Read the full interview here

August 1, 2017

Prospera Receives Equity Grant From The San Francisco Foundation

Ada Recinos

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release $50,000 Equity Grant to be invested in Bay Area Latina entrepreneurs Nonprofit envisions a vibrant ecosystem of Latina-owned cooperatives transforming and building prosperity in low-income communities of color OAKLAND, CA… Read more >>

February 14, 2017

Prospera afirma su compromiso con mujeres como tú!

Claudia Arroyo

Querida mujer Latina, Hoy el equipo de Prospera se dirige a ti con muchas emociones encontradas por los acontecimientos y decisiones en este país al que tú o tus padres emigraron e hicieron su hogar. Prospera desaprueba y rechaza las terribles órdenes… Read more >>

February 14, 2017

We are reaffirming our commitment to immigrant communities

Maria Rogers Pascual

Dear Prospera supporters, partners, and friends, We are writing to you today with many mixed emotions about the state of our country. Prospera is shocked and enraged by the damaging executive orders and important political appointments that threaten to…Continue reading »

EmprendedorasDecember 16, 2016

Join us in raising $15,000 by the end of 2016!

Irma Herrera

Dear Friends of Prospera, I hope this holiday season finds you well. My name is Irma Herrera and I have been a Board Director for Prospera for many years. Mainly, because I am passionate and support ownership opportunities for low-income Latina entrepreneurs…Continue reading »

EmprendedorasDecember 16, 2016

El Cafesito

Karla C. Reyes

Since we launched our new program, we have reached over 150 women who have aspirations to become cooperative entrepreneurs. One group of 3 women in particular are getting closer to making business ownership a reality for themselves: El Cafesito is a unique…Continue reading »

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